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Raccoon Trapping, Removal And Clean Up

When dealing with raccoons, having them inside your house is the last thing you want.

These animals will make a den in crawl spaces underneath your house or decks and under sheds. But it is more serious when a raccoon enters your house and makes a den in your attic. If you are not alert in detecting signs of a raccoon’s presence inside your house, the animal will destroy your property.

Raccoon Damage and Repair



Typical damage caused by raccoons includes trampled insulation, chewed wires, torn apart HVAC ducts, destroyed wall insulation and raccoon droppings in the insulation.

Common entry points we find are, damage the roof shingles, soffits torn apart, gable vents pushed through, and attic fans pulled apart for entry. 

All this destruction may result in increased heating bills due to the damaged insulation or water leaks through  holes in the roof. Damaged water pipes and electric cables are also very dangerous as they can cause flooding or fire.

The area where the raccoon decides to make a den will be contaminated by his feces and urine, which are hazardous to human health. Removing the droppings and sanitizing the area is a dangerous task if not done carefully and while wearing the proper protection gear.

Raccoons on Roof or in Attic

If you hear noises in your attic, You should call us for an inspection. The longer they are in your home the more damage they cause. We do not recommend you do this yourself when raccoons have baby kits they are extremely aggressive. 

We can safely remove the raccoons and repair the damaged areas. We also offer insulation removal and re-insulation services. Some insurance will cover this part, and we would be happy to help you with this. Raccoon removal charlotte nc

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Raccoon scat in attic
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