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Snake Removal Services

Banded Watersnake Charlotte
brown snake charlotte
Black Rat Snake removal Charlotte
copperhead Snake removal Charlotte

 Call now for Snake Removal, Snake Trapping, And Repellant


The Most Common Snakes In the Charlotte area are the Black Rat Snake, Banded Water Snake, King Snake, Dekay's Brown Snake, And the Venomous Copperhead Snake.

All of these snakes should never be handled, or tried to be picked up. if you get bit it can be painful, and you could get an infection from bacteria. With the exception of the copperhead, you would need medical attention if bitten by this Snake.


But what would you do if you find a snake in or around your home? We would suggest that you do not touch the snake and instead call The Experts at Carolinas Wildlife Management. This is a much safer option rather than doing the snake removal on your own.


Again, handling dangerous snakes requires some knowledge about this creature. This is why you have experts like Carolinas Wildlife Management to do the Snake removal. We know the safest way to handle the snake, and can even determine the kind of snake just by looking at it. Or just the skin left behind.


Do not try to agitate the snake when you find it. Just leave it alone and stay in a place far from the animal. We will respond as fast as we can. We can also determine how the snake got in your crawlspace or house. We can also repair the Entry points of the home or building. Snake removal Charlotte. Snake removal waxhaw.

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